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Tuesday, September 20



 I love you because you love me and you are the father of our boys.
 I love the way I know you'll never give up on me no matter how irritating I may be.
 I love the way you tease me when I ask you if I look fat or if I have aged :-).
 I love the way you look at me whenever I ask you if I look good in an outfit.
 I love the beauty of your light brown eyes in which I can see your love shining steadily.
 I love you because you add meaning and purpose each day to my life.
 I love you because you are the reason why I am still alive and exuberant for life- to be with you!!!.
 I love the way we watched sunsets together during our courtship years.
 I love the way we sometimes stay up all night and just talk and then ... and then fall asleep together.
 I love you because I know you are always dependable and you'll always be there when I need you.
 I love you because you bring out the best in me by allowing me to be who I am.
 I love you because we belong to each other.
 I love how I feel complete when I am with you.

 I love how our bodies just fit together.
 I love the way you make me laugh.
 I love the way you laugh with your head thrown backward.

 I love your thoughtfulness.
 I love your tenderness.
 I love your ability to speak your thoughts through your eyes without saying a single word.
 I love the way we glance at each other across the room and can read each other's minds.
 I love the way you'll listen to my stories even though you may not be interested in it and you are not      hearing what I am saying and think I don't know when in fact I do.
 I love the way you are patient with me and put up with my seasonal cravings for certain foods, drinks or desserts.
 I love the way you try to be interested in the things that interest me (such as my blogging) even though you hate to read.

 I love the way you let me do what I want to do without imposing conditions even though you may not approve of it but because I am sensitive to your tots, I stop doing it.
 I love how you win my respect without being an intimidating or arrogant person.
 I love you because I would do anything in this world to make you happy.
 I love how you would make sacrifices to make me happy such as giving up your evening jog to be with me when I feel blue.
 I love the way your voice sounds over the phone and how it has not changed in over thirty years.
 I love the completeness and oneness I feel when we are together.
 I love your sensuality and the way you love me.
 I love how you can forgive me when I fumble and fall.
 I love how you are my soul mate.
 I love the way you handle troubled times.
 I love the way you respect me and my ideals/beliefs even though we may differ in opinion.
 I love the way you protect and defend me objectively in the face of challenges.
 I love how you feel when we cuddle.
 I love the way you used to sing to me in our younger days (*hint*).
 I love the softness of you lips against my hair and cheek.
 I love the feeling of being together and not having to make conversation but the silence is comforting and peaceful.
 I love you because heaven is falling asleep in bed beside you at night talking about the boys.
 I love waking up to find you have already prepared breakfast and the aroma of coffee fills the kitchen.
 I love the surprises you leave for me even though it is rare.
 I love your wisdom and humility.
 I love how I thank God everyday for bringing someone as wonderful as you into my life.
 I love the fact you gave me the gift of love and that we can share our lives together.
 I love the special moments that we shared that will remain my fondest memories of you and I .
 I love you because spending my life with YOU is the best time of my life.
 I love how my heart skips a beat whenever you walk into the room.

 I love the way you make me feel like anything is possible as long as I'm with you.
 I love your sense of humor because when you laugh, you really laugh.
 I love the way you iron the shirts when you know I am too tired to do so.
 I love your spontaneity.
 I love our decades spent together.
 I love how if I died right now I would be the happiest person alive knowing I shared my life with you.
 I love you because I know that we as we grow old together, we will take care of each other.
 I love your way with words or the lack of it in moments of silence.
 I love the way you look when you are sleeping.
 I love the way you treat me.
 I love the way you take the time to show me how much you love me.
 I love your beautiful hair even tho it is much whiter than what it used to be.
 I love you because I know you are faithful and true.
 I love your ability to talk things through.
 I love your greatness.
 I love the fact that you want to be with me and love me.
 I love how I am and feel when I am with you.
 I love you for who you are.

I know that if I die today I will see him again in Heaven and my life was better because of him :)

only youu , MAAM

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